Hamza El Din
A Wish
Sounds True

A Wish takes its name from Hamza's longing to see a new Nubia created on the shores of Lake Nasser, the giant flood created by the Aswan High Dam. Like all of Hamza's music, it is a love letter to his home, and perhaps the most extensive realization of Hamza's vision of collaboration. In addition to solo oud and oud and voice pieces, A Wish features many of Hamza's friends, lending their distinctive voices to the music.

Hamza El Din - voice, oud, tar, riqq, dumbek, and handclaps
Joan Jeanrenaud - cello
W.A. Mathieu - piano
Hani Naser - percussion
Shizuru Ohtaka - vocals
Amy Cyr - nay
Shabda Owens - handclaps

produced by Hamza El Din and Shabda Owens
recorded by Howard Johnston

Song Titles:
1. Greetings - comp. Hamza El Din, lyrics Ismail Hasan
2. Sunset - Variations on a Theme of Riad El Sumbati by Hamza El Din
3. Anesigu - comp. Hamza El Din, lyrics Mohammed N. Toshka
4. Griffin 2 - comp. Hamza El Din, lyrics Ilia Abu Madi
5. Nagrishad - comp. Hamza El Din
6. Samai Husaini - comp. Kemani Tatyos Efendi, realized by Hamza El Din
7. A Wish - comp. Hamza El Din, lyrics Mohi El Din Sherif